Sunday, September 17, 2017

One of My All Time Favorite Recipes: Salsa Chicken

I LOVE this dish. It's stupid easy to make, and is always a hit. I sort of discovered it on accident one day when I had to feed a billion people.

Here it is: Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

What you need:
6-8 Frozen Chicken Breasts
1: 24 oz jar of your favorite salsa
1-2 Tablespoons Ground Flax Seed

Put all ingredients into your slow cooker be sure to cover as much chicken as you can with the salsa. Cook on high for 8 hours. Shred the chicken and serve hot over riced cauliflower or on your favorite whole grain tortilla. Enjoy!

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Monday, August 21, 2017

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

With the total solar eclipse happening today in U.S. you have probably already felt and perhaps even seen some of the effects. The moment of the sun, moon, and planets can have a big impact on us, and a major event such as this one can be felt for weeks before it happens. So, if your last couple of weeks have felt a bit off, or you have been more sensitive than usual, there is a perfectly good explanation for it. We can blame it on the stars. ;)

Cosmic events like this inevitably stir up old wounds, challenge our perceptions, and reflect our inadequacies back to us in ways we could never imagine. It uncovers what has been hidden for too long… What is revealed is our greatest gift. All things must come to the light, and this is the universe's way of nudging us along the path. 

In the last couple of weeks I have felt tugged on by my past, a place I work hard to not dwell. Feeling old hurts and embarrassments, and reflecting on things that I might have done better. These memories and pains have pulled me toward seeking resolution, not revenge, but self healing resolution. 

These past pains, and the challenge to our perception of who we are allow us to dig deeper into ourselves, and discover what is actually real (hint, it's only this moment) It does not due to dwell in the past. We must acknowledge our past hurts and pains, they are real after all. Once we've acknowledged them we must set them aside and move forward. 

If you are ready to stop sleeping through your life, and to start living it, join me for life coaching, and soul weather astrology readings. 

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Enjoying the Journey

When I was a child I was wild. I felt a sense of freedom that can only be found in a child who feels safe and loved. This is the time in my life when was most likely to be found "in the moment"  I'm certain it drove my mother crazy. It made no difference to me if we had places to be, or people to meet. I was looking at "my very favorite" potato bug, and that was all that mattered.

As I grew older I become more aware of appointments, meetings, regret, and fear. We are taught that these things are not just normal, but important. We must "learn from our past," and "plan for our future." While these phrases do have , at least some, merits. They do not carry the grace that we award them.

Life is a journey, and the only way we can enjoy that journey is to live in the present. Elkhart Toole has said, "The only thing that is real is the present. This moment" When we get caught up in planning for the future and learning from our past we put ourselves into a cycle of irrelevant fear and regret. There is nothing we can do about the past, and, since we can only control our own actions, very little we can do about the future.
I am not saying that there is no hope, or that learning from our past "failures" and "victories" is fruitless. All I'm saying is that, in order to really live, we must focus on the here and now.

Think of an athlete. When an athlete plays a great game, or has an incredible match, it's not because they were thinking about what they did in the tournament last year, or how they are going to do in the tournament next year. Any athlete will tell you they were "in the zone" and the "zone" is now. When playing sports milliseconds can make the difference between victory and loss. There is no time to analyze at what angle the ball is coming in, or how fast your opponent is running. There is only time to act.

Even if you are not an athlete this is a very applicable practice. Yogis call it mindfulness, and even Time magazine recognizes how beneficial it can be.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Lau Tzu

I often grew (see also grow) impatient waiting for the next phase of my life to come along. Thinking that when I'm older this will be easier, or when I've finally fished school (don't even get me started) life will be so much better. This kind of thinking draws me away from the joy that exists all around me. Not only can I not enjoy my math class simply because it's math, but I am blocking myself from feeling the excitement of learning something new, or celebrating how quickly I remember an old concept by worrying about when it will finally be over.

I used to be less healthy than I am now. I was constantly fluctuating between being very thin, but not healthy, and relatively heavy, and not healthy. 
When I finally started digging into fitness and learning what it meant to eat healthy and exercise I was obsessed. Each day I marveled at the heavy weights my body could move, and was shocked at the amount of healthy food I was eating and how good my body felt. Each day I was in love with the journey. I am so grateful looking back that I was not so wrapped up in the past or future that I was able to really live that journey.

My wellness journey is still ongoing, and since its lost a little bit of its newness I fall in and out of love with it. I try to celebrate each moment. I am still amazed at the incredible things my body can do, and am constantly fascinated by the complicated internal reactions. I am loving this journey.

There is only now. This moment.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

ProCoach with Alaina Wood Fitness-Powered by Precision Nutrition

I have incredibly exciting news! This is especially poignant for those of you who live a little further away. I am now offering online nutrition coaching and training! This is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. This highly personalized, year-long program will guide you to not only reach, but to also maintain your health and wellness goals!
This is not another yo-yo diet. This is not a get fit quick scheme. This is a total lifestyle and life-long makeover.
As if this was not enough, this program has been proven to work by three peer-reviewed studies.

Get and stay healthy so that you can do more of what you love!

As a Precision Nutrition certified coach I have the training and knowledge to guide you through this incredible journey of discovering the best possible version of yourself.

More questions? What this inspirational video!

Below is a list of program options for you!

Here is the nitty gritty for all you lovers of details.

ProCoach is powered by Precision Nutrition. As a certified PN coach, I will be your guide/coach on this year-long journey. Each day you will receive an email from ProCoach. This email will inform you of your habit (each habit lasts two weeks) and give you lots of details as to why this habit is so important. You will have an opportunity each day to check in and mark if you have completed your habit or not. Talk about accountability!
If you choose the program that includes workouts you will also receive a daily workout. This workout will come in three options: Full Workout, Short Workout (for when you're short on time,) and At-Home Workout. The program is designed to match your specific needs, and the workouts are tailored to you. No matter what your goals are, Alaina Wood Fitness and ProCoach can help!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Using Exercise to Manage Stress and Maintain Mental Health

Using Exercise to Manage Stress and Maintain Mental Health

 It seems like the world never slows down, especially when we are at our most busy or stressed.  As a result, mental illness and anxiety disorders are on the rise. (*You may be surprised to know that Utah is the state with the highest reports of mental illness with 22.3% of the adult population reporting some form of mental illness) 

How can we manage our stress and keep mental illness at bay? You may be surprised to learn that one of the answers is exercise.  Research shows that exercise not only keeps your body healthy, but can also help to keep your mind healthy and functioning at a higher level longer.

Cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, dancing, biking, gardening, and walking have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. This is believed to be because of the increased blood flow to the brain.

Movement is also suggested to have an influence on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which controls our reaction to stress and many other body processes, such as digestion, motivation, mood, and sex drive. Exercise has also been found to alleviate symptoms of low self-esteem and social withdrawal.

Physical activity can also affect the number of new nerve cells we grow in a region of the hippocampus - an area of the brain involved in learning and memory.

So how do you apply this to your life?

  • Move more to reduce stress
    If you've had a rough day at the office or at home, hop on your bike or take an evening walk to find stress relief. Doing so boosts your body's ability to deal with existing mental tension.

  • Move more to find happiness
    Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Studies have shown that exercise can even alleviate symptoms among the clinically depressed and may be as effective as antidepressant medications. Talk with your physician about incorporating exercise into your mental health care plan.

  • Move more to remember more
    While exercise and a healthy diet can't "cure" Alzheimer's, they can help protect the brain against cognitive decline that begins after age 45. Moving more on a regular basis boosts the chemicals in the brain that support and prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, an important part of the brain for memory and learning.

  • Move more to boost your smarts
    Research shows that cardiovascular exercise can create new brain cells (neurogenesis) and improve overall brain performance. A challenging workout increases levels of a brain-derived protein (BDNF) in the body, believed to help with decision making and learning.

  • Move more to manage addiction
    The brain releases dopamine (referred to as the reward chemical) in response to any form of pleasure. Unfortunately, some people become addicted to dopamine and depend on the substances that produce it, like drugs or alcohol. But short exercise sessions can distract drug or alcohol addicts, making them de-prioritize cravings, at least in the short term. 

If you feel like you are at your mental breaking point just reach for your jogging shoes to help improve your mood and your mental health!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fall Fitness Challenge

Are you looking to get back into shape, or want to maintain your summer body during the holidays? 

During this three month competition you will learn the skills you need to get into and maintain the best shape of your life!

What's Included:
  • Unlimited small group training (Classes will include weight training, TRX, Kettlebells, and Yoga)
  • Customized nutrition coaching geared to your body type
  • Spiral bound fitness and nutrition handbook 
  • Testing of REAL fitness metrics
    • Heart health
    • Muscle endurance
    • Strength
    • Body composition - just for fun :)
Cost: $125/month (total of $375)
Pay for all three months and save $5/month for a total of $360
Discount available for employees of Profire Energy

All training will take place at ProFire Energy in Lindon (unless otherwise specified)

Dates: October 3rd through December 20th, 2016

Prizes: The following prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers:

1st place finisher will win the grand prize of one free month of training (up to 3 sessions per week) with Alaina Wood Fitness (valued at $440)

2nd place finisher will win one free month of training (up to 2 sessions per week) with Alaina Wood Fitness (valued at $330).

3rd place finisher will win a 50% off discount valid for a training pack of their choice for one month.

Winners will be determined based on the following fitness metrics:
  • YMCA 3 minute step test (heart health)
  • One minute squat and push up test (endurance/strength)
  • Medicine ball throw test (strength)
  • Body composition (weight/body fat %)
  • Progress photos

Fine Print: Competition runs from October 3rd through December 20th (end date is flexible based on holiday schedules). Classes will be held outside of normal work hours (morning and evening) and be based on trainer availability as well as client needs. Clients will sign up for classes for the following week at the end of the previous week. Winner will be chosen based on percentage of improvement on all fitness tests as determined by Alaina Wood Fitness. Online training options available upon request.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

All About Food Prep

One of the best ways to ensure you eat healthy throughout the day is to plan ahead. From grocery
shopping to cooking protein in advance there are many little tricks that might just save you from that
“emergency” fast food run.

It can seem overwhelming to think about prepping snacks and meals for an entire week, but once we
break it down for you, you’ll see that putting in a little extra work in the beginning will actually save you time (and unhealthy food choices) in the long run.

So, where do we start?

In the home, of course! Sit down and plan out what you’d like to eat in the next week, you can be very specific, or make general meal plans. Once you have a basic menu prepared make a shopping list. Let’s keep our shopping lists very specific to avoid too much temptation once in the grocery store. Head out to the store of your choice, it might be good to make specific lists for specific stores if you’re going to multiple locations.

Once you hit the store(s) stick to the list, don’t be tempted by a sale on your favorite ice cream (don’t
even go down the ice cream isle) or get distracted by the baked goods. Stick to the list, that’s why we
made it. Once you’re home with your grocery loot, store it appropriately until you are ready for your
actual food prep ritual.

The next step is to choose how and when you are going to do your food prep; my personal favorite is
Food Prep Sunday. Sundays are often more relaxed and we are looking forward and planning for the
week ahead, if Tuesday works better for you do it on Tuesday.

Set aside 2-3 hours and get ready to clean, chop, cook, and package your food for the week. I like to
make a large helping of at least one meal item so that I can take it to work for lunches (my current
favorite is spaghetti squash in meat/spaghetti sauce) It’s also helpful to have snack, or single serving
sized bags of an easy to eat fruit or vegetables, I keep about 20 sandwich bags of carrots in my fridge at all times.

You can also use this time to pre-cook some meat, either broil, or slow cook some boneless skinless
chicken breasts and set them aside to be used in meals later during the week. It takes about the same
amount of time to cook one chicken breast as it does to cook six.

Wash, cut and store all of your newly purchased fruits and vegetables. You can even throw a slow cooker meal in a zip lock bag and freeze it for later use. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The best part? Only doing dishes ONCE!

If you are not a bulk cooker, you can do a simplified version of this by just cleaning and cutting the
veggies and fruits to have them prepared for later, and then do the majority of your cooking each day as you eat.

However you choose to do it, I cannot stress enough how much this pays off.
Just having a plan, and healthy food in the house will more than double your chances of success! Seriously.

A quick review
1: Plan a menu for the week
2: Create a shopping list bases on your menu
3: Head to the store and stick to the list
4: Store food until ready for your food prep ritual
5: Clean, cut, cook, and package food for the coming week
6: Take it easy the rest of the week because your food is already prepared

Here are a few ideas of foods you can prepare this weekend

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Freedom For All! Holiday Fundraiser

This year we are benefitting Operation Underground Railroad. This incredible organization works closely with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, and travels around the world (and the US) rescuing children from slavery!. To find out more about OUR follow this link.

The incredibly talented StephAnn Knots has designed these killer t-shirts, being sold here. 
All of the proceeds will be donated to OUR!

If you would like to donate without purchasing a shirt you can donate online here. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Half Plate Challenge

Join us for the Half Plate Challenge by filling half of your plate with vegetables and fruits! Share your pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by using #halfplate
I will be sharing recipes through out the competition.

Date: July 13th-August 9th  

Rules: Whole foods only

Serving Size: Portions will vary from person to person
One serving is equivalent to the size of one fist, with the exception of leafy greens; one serving of leafy greens is equal to the size of two fists.

No Supplements such as greens plus or greens to go or any other fruit or vegetable based supplement, powders, or additives. Bars, fruit leather, fruit snacks, and other such processed foods will also not count.

Vegetable and Fruit juices are not eligible. However you can drink vegetable and/or fruit smoothies.  Juices are defined as liquid based drinks extracted from fruits and vegetables and exclude the peel and or seeds. An example would be V8 juice, Bolthouse, or any other variation made at home with a juicer.

Smoothies on the other hand include the peel and/or seeds and are generally made in a blender, and can be counted as fruit and vegetable servings.
Chips, fries, and potatoes in any form will not count as a vegetable serving.

The USDA's Dietary Guidelines recommend adults eat anywhere from 5 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day depending on age, gender, physical activity, and overall health.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quick Cardio Workout

It's winter, and I am beyond tired of the treadmill! I've started doing more of my cardio at my house, it's like a dream come true to not have to leave to comfort of my living room. I like to do a combination of strength and cardio to combine for fun intervals!  
Here is one of my most recent!
You will need a timer, or stop watch.

30 Seconds of Exercise, with only 3 seconds to transition. Repeat 3 times through!

Follow the links to the video and get your sweat on!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Setting New Year's Resolutions that You Will Actually Keep

The New Year is upon us! Did you set any New Year’s resolutions? How about last year, did you set, and keep your New Year’s resolutions? We see it every year, the “resolutioners” in the gym, and at the health food stores excited about reaching their goals, “This is the year!” they say.  Then a month or two later they are gone.

Why is it so hard to reach our goals? Are we not motivated, or talented enough? Would we be able to reach our goals if we just worked a little harder, maybe if we just wanted it a little more?  Maybe we are not the problem, maybe it’s our goals.

We are going to talk about setting SMART goals, goals that we can actually reach.  Here are some basic steps. 

1:  “S” is for Specific.

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

We often set goals that are very vague. “I want to lose some weight”

Our goals need to be more specific, we should be able to answer the “W” questions, “Who, what, when, where, why” Instead of saying “I’d like to lose some weight” our goal can be  “I’m going to sign up for weight training classes at the local gym, and go three times a week to help build muscle and lose fat”   

This goal helps us reach the ultimate goal of “losing some weight” but is specific enough that we have an action plan.


2. “M” is for measurable

How will I measure progress? How many? How much?

Another problem with vague goals is that we have no bar set to know if we have met the goal. In our example above “lose some weight” there is no way to know if we have met or fell short of the goal, and therefore will never reach it. In the goal of going to weight training classes three time a week it is very easy to measure if we went three times in a week.

Setting shorter term deadlines can be very helpful in keeping goals. Going to the gym three times per week is much easier to track than going to the gym 156 times in the year, even though they balance out to the same amount of gym sessions. 

Remember, for a goal to be measured you will need numbers, days per week, pounds lost, dollars saved, etc.


3. “A” is for attainable

Can this really happen? Is it attainable with enough effort? What steps are involved?

Our goals should be realistic, setting a goal that is impossible to reach, or out of our control is setting us up for failure.  Goals such as winning the lottery, or growing six inches, are goals that are (for the most part) out of our control and unattainable.

When we set goals for ourselves we also need to be aware of our current status. If you’ve never exercised before it’s unlikely that you will be able to run an Iron man race by the end of the current month, it is however possible to train up to such a goal.

Set a goal that is realistic, and that you are willing to put in the effort to reach.

4. “R” is for relevant

How and why is this goal important to you? Does the goal reflect your values?

What is it that you really want in life, and does this goal help you get there?  If you want to be able to play with your grandkids, or walk up the stairs without being out a breath, then a fitness goal is in line with your ultimate goal.

 When we set goals that don’t line up with our values, or we don’t have any emotional investment in, there is very little chance that we will have the motivation to reach them.

5. “T” is for timely

 Can I set fixed deadlines? What are the deadlines?

We need to have a specific deadline for our goals. The original goal of going to the gym three times a week gives us the deadline of the end of the week. Having a short term deadline can help keep us from veering too far off course. For example if I miss one entire week, I now have the new week to re-set and get back on track, as opposed to missing a few months before I realize how far off track I am.

Setting a deadline is crucial for any goal; it helps keep us on track, and motivates us to push through when the going gets tough.


Specific:   Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Measurable:   How will I measure progress? How many? How much?

Attainable:   Can this really happen? Attainable with enough effort? What steps are involved?

Relevant:   How and why is this goal important to you? Does goal reflect your values?

Timely:   Can I set fixed deadlines? What are the deadlines?



One of My All Time Favorite Recipes: Salsa Chicken

I LOVE this dish. It's stupid easy to make, and is always a hit. I sort of discovered it on accident one day when I had to feed a billio...