Saturday, July 30, 2011

My weight loss (and gain) journey

I would love to tell you that I was one of "those" girls... you know the ones who you sit and watch eat a  chocolate donut and then waltz out in her size 00 jeans... I am definitely not that girl. Not even close.

I was always active growing up, playing soccer, and racing the boys on the playground. It was not until I hit High School that I realized how hard (or impossible) it might be to have the "pro athlete" body. (I have always wanted muscle)
Any way I was in a performance group and spent a long time in Germany, where I had the best bread and chocolate a person could ever want... needless to say my waist line, and especially my thighs, were strong evidences of how much I loved the food there.
One day I saw a picture of myself and was shocked to see just how fat I had gotten. (I think I destroyed all pictures from this time in my life) From that moment on I spent the next several years trying to reclaim my body. It was mine after all why did the food have to keep winning?!
I was on a roller coaster. My clothes never fit, they were either falling off of me or painted on. I was anywhere between a size 14 and a size 4. Needless to say these were not the most healthy years of my life.
I finally found Yoga (the first resistance type training I had done in years) I dropped ten pounds in a matter a weeks, and became obsessed!
But I still could not keep the weight off.
Once I stopped traveling and was in the same city for longer than a few weeks (or days) I manged to reach a healthy, though still not ideal body.
I was running between 6 and 10 miles 5 times a week and I had plateaued. I was not losing, or gaining any weight, I was just chilling at a size 6, not bad, but I knew I could be more trim and more toned.
This is when I discovered weight training.
The fat started falling off my body and the slim tone figure I had wanted was becoming a reality. Who would of thought that at age 27 I would finally have the body I was dreaming about at age 19?!
Now with a combination of weight training, interval training, and a healthy diet, I have the body that I did not think was possible anymore. Not only do I look better, but I feel better.
Now that I have learned a few simple habits to keep me healthy, I know that I can maintain this for life!


  1. Oh snap! If that's a fat picture of you I'm in trouble. :( Wish I could have you as my trainer to get my fat butt skinnier. I only get to the gym about two times a week since I have two kids and a husband that is super busy and not home often. Man oh man. PS...I'll be in Utah for three weeks so I had better see that hot body of yours.

  2. Darling Alaina! Thank you so much for sharing your story! That cannot be a "fat" picture of you! Seriously, that is my regular picture. Please help me. :) I need help losing the belly fat from having 2 kiddos. What are your suggestions?

  3. Alaina! Love this. This will inspire a lot of people to keep going and trying. Could you move a little closer. I've been looking for a personal trainer. I need someone to kick my butt into gear. : )

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