Monday, August 21, 2017

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

With the total solar eclipse happening today in U.S. you have probably already felt and perhaps even seen some of the effects. The moment of the sun, moon, and planets can have a big impact on us, and a major event such as this one can be felt for weeks before it happens. So, if your last couple of weeks have felt a bit off, or you have been more sensitive than usual, there is a perfectly good explanation for it. We can blame it on the stars. ;)

Cosmic events like this inevitably stir up old wounds, challenge our perceptions, and reflect our inadequacies back to us in ways we could never imagine. It uncovers what has been hidden for too long… What is revealed is our greatest gift. All things must come to the light, and this is the universe's way of nudging us along the path. 

In the last couple of weeks I have felt tugged on by my past, a place I work hard to not dwell. Feeling old hurts and embarrassments, and reflecting on things that I might have done better. These memories and pains have pulled me toward seeking resolution, not revenge, but self healing resolution. 

These past pains, and the challenge to our perception of who we are allow us to dig deeper into ourselves, and discover what is actually real (hint, it's only this moment) It does not due to dwell in the past. We must acknowledge our past hurts and pains, they are real after all. Once we've acknowledged them we must set them aside and move forward. 

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