Monday, October 2, 2017

Holding Space for Peace

I have spent much of the day unsure of how to respond or what to say about another act of senseless violence in our beautiful country. My heart is beyond broken for all those who are feeling such pain, fear, and grief.
I am religious, so I have been sending prayers to bless these families. I have also been holding space. To hold space means to give of your light and love unconditionally, free of judgement and fear. It means to lift up your heart and mind in unity with all that is good. The world, and all of it's inhabitants are made up of energy. When we are holding space we are sending all of our uplifting and healing energy out into the world. If a community unites in this practice it can be even more impactful!
I love this practice of both prayer and holding space. I love to send good and positive energy into the universe without judgment or expectation.
I also love things that are a bit more tangible.
I came across a post that a friend had shared on Facebook today. The author said that she had done a random act of kindness for each life that was lost in the Sandy Hook shooting. Her goal was to bring more love and joy into he world. This is such an inspired idea! I will be following her lead and performing an act of kindness for each life lost during the terrible act of violence in Las Vegas.
I hope, my friends, that you will join me in holding space, sending prayers, and being kind.

Be the light. Share the light.

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