Monday, August 5, 2013

My 5 favorite fat loss "tricks"

*Eat veggies and Lean protein at every meal.
     Yes, even breakfast. I've been eating carrots for breakfast for about 4 years now, and I sort of love them. If that just won't work for you have omega 3 eggs with bell peppers or spinach, make a green smoothie, or juice. Once this is a habit you will feel incomplete without your breakfast veggies.

*Have 4-6 "feedings" per day
       This one is pretty common among fitness gurus and novices alike, so you may have already heard about it. You want to eat 4-6 meals all similar in size spaced (at least somewhat) evenly throughout the day. Try not to think of your feedings of meals and snacks, think of them all as fuel.

*Cut the carbs (except post workout)
      This might make you want to cry for the first week, but it works. For building muscle you can be a bit more lax on this one, but for cutting fat, especially belly fat, few things work better. There is a magical window of about two hours after you workout that your body processes carbs more efficiently. This is your golden hour to have bread and rice and pasta. Be sure to still eat the healthiest carbs out there, whole wheat and whole grain products.

*Protein, protein, protein!
     Especially after you workout protein is your new best friend. I like to supplement with a post workout protein shake, but you can eat chicken, nuts, eggs, legumes. green veggies, etc for your post workout protein boost. This will help your body recover quicker from your workout and help the damaged muscles rebuild themselves. It's a win all around. Again, you want to choose the leanest protein sources you can find. Some of my favorites are, chicken breast, lean beef, kale, raw nuts, and my protein shake.

    Most of you are probably dehydrated most of the time. Drinking more water will make you feel better, help your body function at a higher level, help you feel more full so you eat less, and help your hair and skin look and feel better! Wins all around. I love water. Try to drink a few liters a day depending on physical activity, and current weight. 

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