Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Holiday Fitness Survival Guide

It's here—whether you're ready or not. Just look at the seasonal shelves in your favorite store. Retailers like to call it ‘holiday season' but let's be more accurate. 
Weight Gain season has begun and runs straight through New Year's. 

The next two months will bring ample opportunity for you to expand your waistline. Of course the choice is yours. 

Lets talk about some easy ways to ward off the extra holiday inches.

*Exercise: There is no substitute for exercise. Not only will this amazing tool help you to lose fat and tone muscle, but will also keep your heart and other vital organs functioning at their peak!
Try to work out before your holiday feasts. This will ensure that you actually do it, and your body will process some of those less healthy foods much better if you eat them post-workout. 
Make it a goal to workout at least 5 times a week, encourage your family to join you. Since we are all  short on time try doing some intervals, or this great workout that only take 8-15 minutes! 

*Junk food: Simply don't keep it in your house! Instead of making cookies and chocolates for your neighbors give them a fresh veggie platter, or apples dipped in cinnamon, yum! 
When you are given treat plates it's okay to re-gift  just make sure you give it to someone who did not already get it.  
Here are some more easy tips on avoiding the holiday junk food binge! 

*Make healthy replacements for some of the traditional holiday dishes:
Replace your mashed potatoes with this healthy cauliflower mash. instead of a pumpkin pie, enjoy some pumpkin muffins. Instead of making your sweet potatoes with marshmallows and sugar add some cinnamon. 

When filling your plate put the salad on first, and make sure to give yourself a big hearty serving, after that add on the rest of your veggies then get to the more fatty foods. It's okay to "splurge" a little, but keep the portions down. 

You don't have to gain weight over the holidays, you can stay (or even get) trim, fit, and most importantly healthy!

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