Thursday, November 17, 2011

The perfect workout for when you have no time, or equiptment

I have been loving this, no equipment required, 10 min workout lately!
It's great for both cardio and strength conditioning, and you can make it as hard, or easy as you need/want to.
It's the perfect workout for those days when you just don't have anytime.
Here's how it works;
Below I will list several exercises, I usually rotate between a few of these and switch them up, so I don't get board...
The routine is 30 sec on and 3 sec prep for the next exercise. If you can't handle them back to back use a 30 "break" to jog in place.

*Frog Jumps
*Scorpion Thrusts (30 seconds on each leg)
*High Knee Skipping
*1 Leg Glute Walkout (30 seconds on each leg)
*Donkey Kicks (30 seconds on each leg)
*Walking Lunges (forward)
*Walking Lunges (backwards)
*Low Jump Backs
*Eccentric Push Ups
*Split Squat Jumps
*Ski Jumps
*Front Plank
*Side Planks (30 seconds on each side)
*Mountain Climbers
*Push Ups (clapping, or normal)

I usually will chose 8-9 of these, and repeat them twice, (or three times, if I'm feeling awesome...)

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