Monday, December 8, 2014

50 Ways to Stay on Track this Holiday Season


Here are 50 tips to keep you on track during the holiday season from our friends over at Precision Nutrition
1. Keep your holiday meals to 1 plate of food instead of multiple plates of food....

2. Drink mostly water.

3. Make a small resolution every day, that I am 95% certain I can do.

4. Deeply enjoy your pumpkin pie! Don't feel guilty!! The whole guilt thing crushes people.

5. At your holiday party, try your best to strike up your conversations in the rooms with no food. Out of sight, out of mind. (And try to still find time to eat to 80% fullness )

6. Instead of buying more "stuff" for Christmas, invest in items or activities that will motivate you to continue to live a healthy lifestyle and involve your entire family.

7. Walk away from the buffet! Don't talk next to it, which encourages mindless grazing.

8. Note and name holiday stress.

9. I will strategically move inefficiently. No more trying to carry in 17 grocery bags with one trip. No more balancing 15 ingredients from refrigerator to countertop. I'm going to purposely force myself just to increase my general movement. This can also include things like intentionally parking further away.

10. Remember that people love me for me... not what I make, give, or do.

11. Across the holidays, I am going to pick one exercise I would like to master: wide grip pull-ups! I will do them as a challenge at home, or in the gym, or in a park, weather permitting on goalposts, depending on circumstance.

12. During the holiday I will talk to anyone that will listen to me, about my Precision Nutrition Coaching journey! Yep I will be that annoying guy who wont stop banging on about how great it is - it is for their own good, don't you know?!

13. Do some type of exercise 5 days a week, even if that is just chasing my kids!

14. I dedicate to at least go to and walk through my gym, even if I only intend to stay for 5 minutes.

15. Don't get out of your workout habits - get in a good workout the day of your feast.

16. Sing like no one can hear me, dance like no one can see me, and love like there is no tomorrow.

17. Remember food isn't the way to happiness.

18. Say grace to remind myself how blessed we are with food, farmers, grocery stores, chefs, and nutritionists. We are blessed to have such provision.

19. Give some really good food away this year to someone who needs it. Splurge for someone else in a lavish way.

20. Help my partner prepare the meals to insure the healthy items are a part of it!

21. Remember the clean slate rule. These are no "all or nothing" choices. Every day (or bite) is another opportunity to get back on track.

22. Find a recipe for one healthy dessert to make and bring to a party.

23. I am going to take some time out to reflect on the year that has gone by, the strides I have made, my Precision Nutrition Coaching journey. I will celebrate this success, and think about next year.

24. Across the holiday period, I will stay in touch with my support network. Often times holidays can involve breaking off communication/interaction and this may have led to poor decisions in the past.

25. Take an "accountability buddy" to food- or alcohol-oriented gatherings.

26. I will use visualization ahead of any gathering/situation that may involve temptation. This will help me plan ahead, prepare, and stop me from self sabotaging.

27. Expand your healthy culinary arsenal. Book a cooking class for a healthy cuisine that you like to eat but may not be the best at preparing.

28. Instead of making a bunch of holiday treats to give to friends and neighbors, which will fill your house full of stuff that likely won't contribute to your nutrition goals, do good deeds and acts of service instead as your Christmas gifts. Involve your children.

29. Invite friends or neighbors over for a holiday meal and prepare something that is healthy.

30. Have a healthy snack, Supershake or just some water before you even leave the house. Among other things, it'll also help you to focus on the people instead of the food.

31. I try to enjoy my holiday meals, I eat all the foods I always ate but I follow the key habits I've learned in PN Coaching. Eat to 80%, eat slowly and most importantly enjoy it and get back on track the next day. Oh and don't feel guilty.

32. Weather permitting, get outside for some fresh air. Exercise with a family member or friend, even if it is a casual walk around the neighborhood. It may even peak their interest in living a healthier lifestyle.

33. Do 5 minutes deep breathing, mind-body scan or meditation before sitting down to eat, leaving the house, etc...

34. Walk more. Skip the elevator, take the stairs. When you are out holiday shopping, walk to that next store on your list, you don't need to drive your car from one end of the parking lot to the other.

35. Remember those who don't have enough to eat. Intermittently throughout the holidays, buy some healthy food and bring it to your local food bank, soup kitchen, house of worship, etc. where the food will be distributed to those who need it. Keep this in mind when you are eating - not to feel guilty that you may have plenty when others don't, but to feel gratitude for knowing that even though you have plenty, you can eat purposely and mindfully.

36. Commit to 90% consistency. Stay in bounds for 90% of your meals and then relax for the other 10% (that's 3-5 meals per week for most of us).

37. Celebrate Old Years Resolutions! It was circa 1 year ago that I signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. This was a New years resolution at the time. It has been a huge success personally.

38. There are bound to be several desserts. Eat something else (non sweet) between tastes of each.

39. Ride your bike, jog or walk to the store. Plan accordingly, so you combine your errands with some exercise.

40. If it's not possible to get to a gym, I will move every day - go for a walk, run, etc. Just move around.

41. Schedule a few strict days into the calendar where you're super consistent with your nutrition.

42. Keep alcohol in check. Sub-optimal choices usually follow if you don't.

43. Learn what deeply motivates you and keep going back to that source. If you forget the "whys" the "hows" become lifeless.

44. In the same light, use various methods to provide and stay connected to your motivations: movies, music, images, quotes, people.

45. Expect setbacks, expect failure, expect disappointments, and formula a way to troubleshoot the problem, instead of responding emotionally. I ask: what is the problem? What is the solution? Who can help me find the solution?

46. Unhealthy comparison vs healthy comparison : I find that I compare myself and my results with other people. It can be very unmotivating. Instead I ask: what about that person can make me improve or inspire me?

47. Find ways to de-stress and renew without eating is huge for me. I put them in my schedule often!

48. Assume positive intent. Many people look forward to this time of year and more than one person at an event will see you not enjoying all of the food that will be on offer and try persuade you eat more. It could be that perhaps to them, gorging themselves on food is one of their measures of enjoyment. So don't judge them, shrug it off and just tell them you are genuinely having a great time without feeling the need to overindulge.

49. Snow shoveling! [enough said]

50. For me to indulge in a dessert, it has to be a 9 or a 10. A small portion, eaten slowly and mindfully, is a perfect balance for me.

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