Friday, March 29, 2013

Got Milk? Drink it, or dump it?

I posted this highly controversial info-graphic to my personal Facebook page, and was mildly amused by the responses I got. Everything from people agreeing 110% with all of the information contained, to a dairy farmer's daughter disagreeing with everything mentioned. Everybody felt very strongly either for, or against, milk. 
I personally don't drink milk (though I do indulge in cheese occasionally)  mostly because I don't like the taste. Having done my share of research I have ultimately decided against drinking milk, my husband still drinks milk, and we try to buy from local farms. It's good to support our local farms. 
No matter what side of the dairy issue you come down on I think it's incredibly important to do some research. Be careful the information that you chose to subscribe to since almost all studies are sponsored by somebody, the Dairy Counsel, Soy Farmers of America, there is always somebody behind the study. Try to educate yourself, and since I'm sure you don't have time to read everything out there try to eat as naturally as possible, and when possible locally. 

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