Thursday, September 22, 2011

The answer is yes

Should I workout today? A questions that I am sure you have asked yourself before, a question that I am currently avoiding by writing a blog. 
A client sent me this funny little tidbit that inspired this blog. 

I have kidney stones, they have been the highlight of my life for the last... month. Yeah it's been fun. I took it easy for the first little while, I mean really easy. 
One day something happened that was kind of frustrating, and I flipped out, just totally lost it. In talking with my supportive and kind husband he pointed out to me that my mood had been less than amazing since I   stopped working out. Yes kidney stones are hard, but I still could of done something easy, gone on a walk went to the park and thrown a ball around with my hubby.
So, should I workout today? Yes, the answer is yes! Sometimes it's hard, inconvenient, or just downright uncomfortable. The point is, you can do something.  
Start off slow if you have to, but start!

For tips and exercise ideas feel free to comment or email me. 
I also offer a FREE one week trial, if you are in the Orem UT area.  

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  1. So, I am not sure if you are still up to or having new clients, but I would love to come and check it out. Since I moved back four years ago, I have gained 40+ and I just need some extra help and motivation to get going. Let me know.

    Kara :0)


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