Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Madness

This month my clients and I are working on fitness goals. We have decided to focus, not on body composition, but on a skill. this is a great way to gain strength  speed, flexibility  balance, and probably lose a little weight as a side effect!
Here are the rules for March Madness:

The goal needs to be
*Obtainable (hopefully within the month time span)
*Not having to do with weight loss/body composition (in other words losing 2 lbs or 5% body fat will not work)
*Try to make this a fitness type goal. (memorizing your favorite poem, or leaning all of the choreography to Gangnam Style are not the kinds of things I'm looking for...even though those things are awesome)
*Fun! (I want you to look forward to working on your goal!)
*Something that I can measure for you (running a Triathalon is great, but I can't set one up/measure it for you)

Here are a few examples of what we are working on this month:

*Doing a Handstand
*Doing two unassisted pull ups
*Rowing 500 meters in 1:40
*Running an 8 min Mile

You can also work on sports specific goals like:

*Juggling a soccer ball 150 times
 *Slam dunking a basketball

By taking the focus off of weight loss and putting it on a skill we manage to gain new skills and lose some body fat/weight without really trying! 

Join us by posting a comment of what your March madness goal(s) will be! 
I will post some of the additions exercises that we will be doing (in addition to practicing the actual skill) in a future blog, and I will be happy to post some exercises that will help you reach your goals as well! 

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